Product Tutorials
Product Tutorials
The following tutorials are available for viewing. These tutorials will help you better understand the features, benefits and clinical applications of our products. Click a title to enter the tutorial classroom. 

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Temporization: Featuring Access Crown and NoMIX
We invite you to watch how to create a fast, strong and highly esthetic temporary bridge using Centrix Access Crown. In this video, the patient presents prepped ready for a maxillary 5-unit anterior temp bridge. We get it done in 60 seconds!
Quick and easy tips for applying FluoroDose varnish on Adults
Do you swipe or do you paint fluoride varnish on your adult patients? See Donna Brogan RDH, BS describes how quick and easy it is to apply FluoroDose varnish on your patients.
NoCord™ VPS – One-Step, Self Retracting Impressioning System
NoCord VPS is the only all-in-one system that retracts gingiva, controls bleeding and delivers an accurate, final impression!

• NoCord™ Wash is the first wash material that incorporates a hemostatic agent.
• The unique, stiffer NoCord™ MegaBody™ Tray Material is designed to work with NoCord Wash, driving the wash to gently retract gingiva from the tooth.
• And because NoCord VPS is vinyl polysiloxane, it is highly accurate and dimensionally stable.

Detailed margins and perfectly fitted restoration every time! Try NoCord VPS today!
AccessFLO, AccessGold, and AccessCrown Video
Flowable, clay-based gingival retraction paste for use prior to all crown & bridge impression procedures. Access Crown, Bis-Acryl Composite for Provisional Crowns and Bridges.
Couture Diamond GripStrip
Diamond-Coated Strips for Proximal Finishing and Polishing

Diamond-coated design to provide precision finishing and polishing for restorations in proximal areas.
Fluoride Cavity Varnish

FluoroDose is the top Fluoride Varnish of 2015 and 2016, according to THE DENTAL ADVISOR
GingiTrac™ Demo
Hands-Free Gingival Retraction System

An effective gingival retraction system that truly harnesses the power of pressure, astringency and time.
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